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[Watch] Childish Gambino - "Telegraph Ave" (Official Video)

Childish Gambino has been progressing over the years into his own man. A man that does what he wants, when he wants. His latest release was no different. He just dropped a free mixtape titled STN MTN and then quickly followed it up a day later with an EP, Kauai, which you can grab on iTunes. When paired together, the 2 releases create an 18 track journey into Glover's mind, with varying degrees of styles and pace. It's quite simply a wonderful ride that is over just as quickly as it begun. Repeat worthy.

However, not stopping at creating a great double release in the past week he's now released a clip for his Because The Internet featuring "Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd)". The clip features Gambino heading out on a road trip to what looks like paradise (it's actually the island of Kauai!) with R&B singer Jhené Aiko. They're having an idyllic time with a beautiful backdrop, but things are not quite what they seem as things take a rather dark, and Halloween worthy turn. Not one to deliver a bad video, you'll have to check out the clip above to see how things turn out.

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