[Night Out] OMG CMJ 2014 Day One: Son Little 

Day one CMJ is always a slow start for me and this year was so exception to that rule. I had to endure the day job before my 3 day vacation of bands, booze, and badge friends forever officially kicked off. All that said, you bet your sweet ass the second that 5:30pm rolled around that I was out the door running as fast I could to meet up with Sprout who was patiently waiting for me at our safe harbor that folks like to call No Fun. When the time came for us to treat our earholes we sauntered our way down to Rockwood Music Hall stage 2. The room was reasonably full, enough for Sprout to dart around fairly easily to take some snaps.

The last time I saw Aaron Livingston sing in person it was with RJD2 for their project Icebird. As much as I enjoyed The Abandoned Lullaby, there were some moments where it felt like Livingston's vocals were an afterthought to what was going on in the production. That was fortunately not the case for his new solo project, Son Little. His voice rang out loud and strong to the red velvety backdrop that are the walls of Rockwood Stage 2. His accompanyment were a keyboardist/bassist and drummer, who elevated the emotional twangs in Livingston's voice. In addition to playing cuts I had heard before like, "The River", "Cross My Heart", and the heartwrenching "Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches", he played some new tracks that will appear on his upcoming debut album that is coming "soon" (his words).

We should have stayed around after the show to try and pry more info from him, but between us being starving and me thinking that I was going to a French nightclub for a showcase that I ended up being a day early for, that didn't happen. Needless to say, it was the best way to start OMG CMJ 2014.

Have a listen to "Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches" below.


[Listen] Dillon Francis - 'Money Sucks, Friends Rule' (Full Album Stream) 






FRANICS (a week early!)! 

I am a very happy Kibbe today, let me tell you! I have been waiting for this album since the first time I heard "When We Were Young" a few months ago. MTV got the hookup on a full album stream a week before the album officially drops next week (October 29th) courtesy of Columbia Records/Mad Decent. I'm only two songs in at the moment and already I'm very upset that I am confined to my desk at work instead of blasting this in Kibbtopia and dancing around like a crazy person. 

Have a listen to Money Sucks, Friends Rule below. Be sure to pre-order the album on iTunes here if you haven't already because that is the right thing to do. I personally will probably pony up for the deluxe version, but I will be waiting on that until after the dust settles on the damage I do at CMJ this week (more on that later btw!). 

Be sure to catch Dillon Franics on his 'Friend Rule' tour next month starting in Nashville!

11/17     Nashville, TN                                   Marathon Music Works
11/19     Asheville, NC                                   Orange Peel
11/20     Charlotte, NC                                   The Fillmore
11/21     Washington, DC                               Echo Stage
11/22     Baltimore, MD                                  Ram’s Head Live
11/25     Wallingford, CT                                Dome at Oakdale
11/26     Philadelphia, PA                              Electric Factory
11/28     Boston, MA                                     House of Blues 
11/30     Montreal, QC                                   New City Gas
12/1       Toronto, ON                                    Danforth Music Hall
12/3       Royal Oak, MI                                 Royal Oak Music Hall
12/5       Chicago, IL                                     Aragon Ballroom
12/6       Minneapolis, MN                             Skyway Theatre
12/8       Milwaukee, WI                                Turner Hall Ballroom
12/9       Madison, WI                                   Orpheum Theatre
12/10     Kansas City, MO                             Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
12/12     Broomfield, CO                               1st Bank Center
12/13     Salt Lake City, UT                           In The Venue
12/15     Portland, OR                                   Roseland Theater
12/18     Oakland, CA                                   Fox Theater
12/21     Los Angeles, CA                             Shrine Auditorium
1/16       Brooklyn, NY                                  Barclays Center


[Listen] Breton - "Titan" 

I'm calling it right now: Breton's third album will be their breakthrough in the states. This is not up for debate. It's going to happen and I am so excited about this I feel like having sex with a drum machine
I'd love to be wrong about that and have it be sooner though, specifically since they announced that they'll be re-issuing War Room Stories  on November 10th on their very own label Cut Tooth (via Believe Recordings). The reissue will include two brand new songs, "Titan" and "Parthian Shot", along with 9 bonus tracks, previously unseen tour pictures and a PDF of all the band’s lyrics to date.
Earlier this week the band shared "Titan" for your listening pleasure in anticipation of the reissue. Remember when I was super excited about "Got Well Soon" and said it was the best thing they had ever made? I think I still stand by that for now, but in the case of "Titan" there's this new found approachability in this song that was previously only found in little snippets throughout their work, which is why I'm convinced that they're on the path to worldwide domination. Keep in mind that War Room Stories only came out in February and already we're seeing a massive growth spurt from the band in this track. Granted, I'm sure that some credit should go to Antoine Gaillet (co-wrote  M83's Before the Dawn Heals Us, mixed on Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming), who co-produced the song. Even so, the band has matured at such a rapid pace since their 2011 debut album, Other People's Problem that it's almost hard for me to believe that it's even the same band. 

Either way, it's basically all that Sprout and I have been listening to all morning and there has been much chair dancing at our desks as a result. Have a listen to "Titan" for yourself and tell me that your hips don't involuntarily shake even a little bit the second it hits your ears. 
Lucky folks across the pond can catch the band on tour next month. Make the best decision of your life and catch them if they're playing in your area. 
09 Nov - Effenaar - Eindhoven, NL
10 Nov - Patronaat - Haarlem, NL
12 Nov - Berghain Kantine - Berlin, DE
13 Nov - Minoga Club - Poznaně, PL
14 Nov - Klub Hydrozagadka - Warsaw, PL 
15 Nov - Jazz Club Hipnoza - Katowice, PL 
17 Nov - Chelsea - Vienna, AT
18 Nov - Grabenhalle - St. Gallen, CH
19 Nov - L’Usine PTR - Geneva, CH
21 Nov - Liberteě - Rennes, FR
22 Nov - La Cartonnerie - Reims, FR
23 Nov - L’Autre Canal - Nancy, FR
24 Nov - La Rodia - Besancon, FR
25 Nov - Casino de Paris - Paris FR
27 Nov - Marcheě Gare - Lyon, FR
28 Nov - Paloma - Nimes, FR
29 Nov - La SireĚne - La Rochelle, FR
30 Nov - CCM John Lennon - Limoges, FR 
02 Dec - Heaven - London, UK

[Watch] Childish Gambino - "Telegraph Ave" (Official Video)

Childish Gambino has been progressing over the years into his own man. A man that does what he wants, when he wants. His latest release was no different. He just dropped a free mixtape titled STN MTN and then quickly followed it up a day later with an EP, Kauai, which you can grab on iTunes. When paired together, the 2 releases create an 18 track journey into Glover's mind, with varying degrees of styles and pace. It's quite simply a wonderful ride that is over just as quickly as it begun. Repeat worthy.

However, not stopping at creating a great double release in the past week he's now released a clip for his Because The Internet featuring "Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd)". The clip features Gambino heading out on a road trip to what looks like paradise (it's actually the island of Kauai!) with R&B singer Jhené Aiko. They're having an idyllic time with a beautiful backdrop, but things are not quite what they seem as things take a rather dark, and Halloween worthy turn. Not one to deliver a bad video, you'll have to check out the clip above to see how things turn out.


[Watch] Don Diablo - "Back To Life" (Official Video)

Yesterday my ongoing DJ/producer obsession Don Diablo debuted the video for his latest single, "Back To Life" and it is nothing short of adorable. The video takes place in the year 2068 where we find Don Diablo with a thicker, wrinklier, and well worn face staring down at his old clothes that he used to perform in. As any good story from the future goes, he has decided to do one more performance for old times sake so puts on his old clothes, crawls into a limo with his futuristic iPad that projects hologram looking things, and heads to a club that is anxious to receive him. You then follow along with old man Diablo as he nervously awaits to go on. Old man Steve Aoki also makes a brief appearance in the video. I know 54 years is a long time from now, but my gut tells me that based on how pristine Diablo's skin is now that the man is going to age like a fine wine. 

I'll say this, if he continues to put out bangers like the past few tracks he's dropped in the past year, I most certainly look forward to growing old with Don Diablo. 
"Back To Life" officially drops next week on October 20th via Spinnin Records. You can stream it incessantly sans video below. 

[Watch] Royal Blood - "Ten Tonne Skeleton" (Official Video)

Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, better known as Royal Blood, exploded onto the music scene this year and deliver, for me, a musical highlight of the year with their self-titled debut. If you like riffs they've got you covered. If you like noisy two pieces, they've most definitely got you covered. If you like guys in leather jackets, yup, they've got your back. They've also now added cinematic official videos to their résumé with a great looking accompaniment to "Ten Tonne Skeleton". Check out the clip above and if you haven't already, go pick up their album. You won't regret it. I promise. 

If you're feeling super hyped about these two, and this track in particular, and would like to add to your 7" collection, the 7" single featuring B-side "One Trick Pony" will be released on December 1st.


[Download] Two Tracks From Wavves Frontman Nathan Williams’ New Band Spirit Club

Nathan Williams has been keeping himself busy recently with more than one project, and he seems to be really enjoying himself in the process. While we await more new music from Wavves, he's teamed up with his brother, and Andrew Caddick for a release under the moniker of Spirit Club. Dropping the two tracks as a surprise yesterday via Twitter, you can see what he has to say about it below:

The tracks themselves are fuzzy, hazy, laid back tunes with a little less angst than some of his more recent Wavves releases. No official word on whether or not an official release is coming but I'd say from looking at the back cover of the release above, that they'll drop via his own Ghost Ramp label. Grab yourself the new tunes "Eye Dozer" and "Sling" below. I for one am liking the tunes and will happily take almost anything Nathan throws out. Heck, I still use "King of the Beach" as my ring tone 4 years on! (Damn, I didn't actually realise it'd been 4 years since that album dropped!)


[Watch] Queens of The Stone Age's Full Set from the Movistar Arena, Chile 

While the festival summer may be over, we can still look back fondly on the bands we most enjoyed. For me, that would be Queens of The Stone Age who played a biblical, career spanning set of tracks in August at Reading & Leeds Festival. Now the weather outside my window right now looks miserable and the memories of summer fade into darkness. Winter most definitely is coming. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy some awesome live music from the warm, comfort of our homes though, does it? QOTSA played close to a 2 hour set a few nights ago at the Movistar Arena in Chile, once again reaching into their ever growing back catalogue of hits. You can check out the full set above, all while avoiding the elements that plague the outside world. Not a bad deal, huh? Hat top to QOTSA Mexico for the upload.